20 Small house decor ideas

More detail related to our small house decor video:
20.►0:32| Set Some Green Plants to complete your interior design ideas
19.►1:01| Show Off Your Collection
18.►1:33| Provide Shelf Desk
17.►2:02| Apply Beige Tone
16.►2:37| Hang Drapes
15.►3:07| Cover the Stove
14.►3:41| Built Vertical Dresser
13.►4:00| Cover It Beautifully
12.►4:31| Mix Pattern in One Place Only
11.►5:02| Put Floating Shelves
10.►5:29| Use Lightweight Furniture
9.►6:00| Install Mirror
8.►6:31| Make Everything Gather
7.►7:00| Get Small Size Furniture
6.►7:34| Install Wallpaper
5.►8:07| Use Area under the Stairs
4.►8:37| Stack Several Layers
3.►9:09| Sneak Some Curves in your room
2.►9:39| Divide the Area
1.►10:11| it should be a surpise for you!
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  1. I always thought decluttering was best for small rooms all this stuff fancy frills and hanging bits and pieces would close you in even more. Didn’t demonstrate anything for a small room.

  2. I have to agree with several others concerning the definition of "SMALL" . Perspective IS reality but in this case, where the general public is concerned, these areas shown ARE NOT SMALL. That's not to say that your description isn't accurate, it's just that these stock photos of beautiful rooms do not reflect the strategies you are employing very well. You should have actual photos of SMALL rooms which you have decorated using your wonderful suggestions. And perhaps use your voice, even if you have a strong accent, speak slowly and enunciate clearly. I don't even know if you speak fluent English but I'm sure we would understand if the photos matched your verbal descriptions. Thank you for the great ideas though. My daughter is moving into a small apartment and I will show her your video. I'm sure it will be very helpful to her in solving some issues. Also, why not include links to the companies who's furniture is shown. The Murphy table at the end of the show is easy enough to find but the round table with the 4 chairs which nest into the edge of the table top is exactly what daughter needs and I have no idea where to find something like that. Just a helpful suggestion to give links in the video description. Thanks again. GQ

  3. I've always loved warm beiges for walls. Grew up in Vermont, in a quaint Country home adjacent to lots of farm land and the woods behind our home. My father was meticulous about upkeep, painted the outside of our home every other year (slate gray, like the rugged, jagged slate outcrops that surrounded our home), but we painted the interior every summer. Always the same warm beige, not too dark. And, I remember playing outside, pushing the clock as far back as I could (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) and when deep dusk fell, the lights in our home would begin to light up and I'd look at our home, see through the windows the glow of the warm beige emanating from inside and it was always so warm, inviting, beautiful, I couldn't help but turn in for the night.

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