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How to Get the Industrial Look in Your Home

March 21, 2021 0

When beginning to design a new home, many people tend to go for a themed look or atmosphere. These themed ideas can often end up looking tacky or ‘overdone’ if no careful consideration and planning […]

Dream Home

Top Interior Design and Architecture Blogs

March 20, 2021 0

So you’ve bought a new house. Or maybe you’re considering one? Or maybe you’re just someone with a penchant for design, architecture, style, and furniture – or maybe not, maybe you’re completely clueless about the […]

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Environmentally Friendly Kit Homes – Kitome

March 19, 2021 0

Eco-friendly buildings have received a lot of attention over recent years, and with good reason. There are a wide range of benefits of choosing to live in a property that is environmentally friendly. Reduced environmental […]


Best Tips To Start Your Hydroponic Garden

March 10, 2021 0

Post Views: 34 Hydroponic gardening is a method that uses a supply of water with other water-fertilizer solutions to grow plants. Hydroponic systems grow faster than other conventional ways, and more importantly, they are suitable […]


March garden checklist – Hoosier Gardener

March 2, 2021 0

March 1, 2021 By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp 4 Comments Soil readiness. Indoors Prune, repot and clean houseplants as needed. Fertilize houseplants as new growth appears. Follow label directions. Sketch garden plans, including what to […]