At A Glance: The Installation

Those flame willow forms set in mountain hemlock from my previous post proved to be too tall to transport in our box truck. Of course they were. The destination pots are 42″ in diameter. There is only one chance to get the scale and proportion right, as none of these materials will gain in size or grow over the winter.


Only 1 form fit in Dan’s pickup truck.

This winter container arrangement does not look too big for the pot, or the space.  More interesting is the fact that my summer planting of white mandevillea, nicotiana lime and white, and petunias was every bit this size by the end of the summer.

finished winter pot

garland and front door pots

The flame willow looks great with the brick, and the hydrangeas.

The materials for the four black urns include green preserved eucalyptus, white berry picks, incense cedar and German boxwood.


ready for winter



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