September Garden Checklist – Hoosier Gardener

September 1, 2020 0

September 1, 2020 By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp 10 Comments At the end of the season harvest tomatoes and peppers to finish ripening indoors. (C) Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp Indoors Dig and repot herbs growing […]


Fungus gnats pester plant parents

August 26, 2020 0

Fungus gnat. Photo courtesy John Obermeyer/Purdue Entomology I’ve been eavesdropping on a few houseplant Facebook pages to find out what’s going on. Enthusiastic describes the people who post on these pages. They have their own […]


What can you grow in window boxes?

August 22, 2020 0

Post Views: 4,520 Window boxes are a fast and easy way to update your exterior and add a pop of colour to your walls. You can plant various types of plants and flowers and impress […]


Everyone wants dirty hands – Hoosier Gardener

August 20, 2020 0

Mail-order catalogs are rich with info on growing seeds. (C) Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp Interest in gardening has jumped. And jumped high. I’ve been gardening and writing about it for a long time and I’ve […]


Times are hard. Gardeners can help.

August 19, 2020 0

I’m watching to the PBS NewsHour and the heads are talking about inaction in Congress to help resolve the economic crisis. Many have left town and won’t be back until after Labor Day. Meanwhile, our […]


Transplants or Seeds? – Hoosier Gardener

August 18, 2020 0

April 30, 2020 By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp A lot of gardeners, especially new ones, don’t know whether to sow seeds for their veggies and herbs or buy transplants at the garden center. Here’s a […]