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Fall Front And Center

October 23, 2020 0

Just think about it. The summer gardening season begins to wane, and every passionate gardener begins to fret. The letting go is not easy. I know I dig in my heels and ignore the obvious […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

The 2020 Hydrangeas

September 9, 2020 0

The hydrangeas in bloom this year have been beyond gorgeous. I have never seen them better, and I have been growing hydrangeas for a long time. The object of my affection and admiration are white […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

The 2020 Hellebores

August 20, 2020 0

The hellebores do not have to compete very hard for my attention in the spring. They are just about the only perennial game in town come late March and on into April. I will admit […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

All Hellebores Great and Small

August 19, 2020 0

My first exposure to hellebores was likely in the 1970’s. Though gardening consumed every available moment and most of any available cash I had for plants, there were no hellebores in my yard. I could […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

Shear Pleasure: Topiary

August 18, 2020 0

  Gardeners have been pruning plants just as long as they have been growing them. It isn’t too hard to figure out why. A broken tree limb or dead cane on a rose needs to […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

Sheared: Part Two

August 17, 2020 0

Anyone who chooses to look up topiary plants of distinction on their computer will find no end of articles with pictures of grand gardens featuring breathtaking topiary plants.  Many of them have been cultivated long […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple


August 16, 2020 0

My apologies to all of you who read my essays. Two days ago, the server for all of our associated websites and this blog crashed. All is rebuilt now, but my latest post, this post […]

Landscaping Dirt Simple

At A Glance: In The Same Genre

August 15, 2020 0

Rob has planted so many herb/flower and vegetable pots-to follow is a big selection that compliments my last post. Rob’s genre-I like the sound of that. Source link Dirt Simple

Landscaping Dirt Simple

A Color Scheme

August 14, 2020 0

I like to cart watch. During annual planting season, I am interested to see what plants people choose. I try to imagine what it is they are going for, as evidenced by the plants in […]