Complete Kitchen Remodel, Literally the Whole Thing! TimeLapse Extreme Makeover | Plus Design Ideas!

See my 15 minute version of this video here –
Skip forward to see the end result here 10:36:45 (full timestamps below)
This remodel started out as 2 separate rooms for a kitchen and a dining room. Although equal in size, the rooms were a bit too small for a practical design. In this case, the solution was to remove the load bearing wall which divided the 2 rooms by installing a recessed header.
The end result after this renovation is a new super spacious modern eat-in kitchen.
00:01 Begining Demo.
33:16 Multi layers of flooring removed.
55:38 Load bearing wall removal & structual header installed.
1:25:13 Widening the entryway into the kitchen (plus TKO brackets on header).
1:36:10 Insulating the ceiling.
1:43:30 Moving the 220v oven supply line (along with a few other 110v lines).
1:49:57 Installing 1/2″ osb plywood over the existing sub-floor.
2:04:48 Electrical Rough in (Complete removal and replacement).
2:15:11 Sheetrock install on ceiling.
2:29:45 Framing a new entryway into the dining-room (old entrance was to the right)
2:33:34 Fastening the sheetrock on ceiling (screws).
2:39:20 Sheetrock install on walls.
3:06:26 Recessed lights install (wires were concealed in the ceiling during the rough).
3:17:23 Spackle tape and first coat.
3:41:29 Cast iron radiator removal & baseboard heat conversion.
4:03:02 Spackle (second coat).
4:19:37 Spackle (third coat)
4:34:11 Sanding the ceiling & walls
4:45:18 Installing 1/2″ cement boards to sub-floor (tile prep).
4:59:54 Opening the new entryway into the dining room.
5:11:33 Installing the porcelain floor tile.
5:59:32 Painting the ceiling (first coat).
6:05:47 Painting the ceiling (second coat).
6:12:27 Painting the walls (first coat).
6:33:33 Painting the walls (second coat).
6:40:14 Grouting the tile floor.
6:55:05 Replacement of the 2 front vinyl windows.
7:01:32 Cleaning up the excess dry grout residue from the floor.
7:04:54 Shortening the dining room wall and ceiling repair (due to the new entryway location).
7:13:27 Cabinet delivery (Guys dont listen to me, the big cabinets need to be un-boxed first).
7:19:06 Cabinet unboxing.
7:39:42 Cabinet Installation.
9:00:15 Fridge install, microwave hook-up and temp stove install.
9:05:52 Cabinetry knobs & handles install.
9:10:35 Retractable ceiling fan and light combo install.
9:17:02 Dishwasher install
9:18:04 Finishing the closet floor (tile).
9:20:47 Repairing the dining room plaster wall and ceiling (due to the new entryway location).
9:38:37 Installing a new window, door/window jambs and door window moldings/casings.
9:50:36 Faucet and sink drain install.
9:58:40 Backsplash mosaic tile install.
10:20:09 Dining room wall and ceiling repairs (final finishing)
10:22:58 Grouting the backsplash tile.
10:35:32 Installing a unique customized plaque for my clients (nice touch!)
10:36:45 The final result.



  1. I have a question. I'm not a drywall expert at all but I am curious why you didnt hang all the drywall sheets long edge vertical (standing up) so you wouldnt have any butt joints? Looked like 8ft ceilings in the video.

  2. Everything was awesome…until that paint color. But seriously, that was pretty cool to watch. Also, don't the joists need to be secured with the joist hangers before the temporary support walls are taken down?

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