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This video is about diy pottery barn and joanna gaines fixer upper farmhouse rustic style home decor. These are much more affordable options to get a quick and easy farmhouse look in your home for less!
All products mentioned and more, are listed below!

——– FLORAL ———

pre made affordable boxwood topiary:

fall maple and mum floral pick:

sunflower pick:

boxwood tile:


galvanized oval tubs:

Galvanized Round Trays:

galvanized tub:

Small Galvanized Bin:

Galvanized 2-Tier Round Serve:

Media Galvanized Tray:

galvanized 3d letters:

flat letters:

——— WOOD ———-

6 Piece Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set:

grey wash wood plaque:

wood blessed sign:

wood tier tray:

white wash wood bin:

large wood plaque:

small wood plaque:

wood crate:

dark stain wood bin:


Mason jar glasses:

crystal knobs:

industrial glue:

wood glue:

wood stains:
grey –
dark walnut-

paint brush set:

2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser:

small wood lamp:

large wood lamp:

lamp shades
small –
large –

white simple coffee table: DIY

white X coffee accent table: DIY
the same style shown in this video…

affordable premade coffee table:

poly wood finish:

pure acetone:

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  1. I love it all. Your Dad was a great help. Love everything! I love to make things on a shoestring budget but the end result looks fabulous! Love the Arched wooden piece from pier one. So pretty. I'm on the hunt for one of those.

  2. I would not call this a DIY. It’s a DDI – Dad Did It. Nice project but without a dad, other family member or friend who has a set of specialized wood working tools (biscuit joiner is one specialty tool used) this project is simply not feasible for most people. Unless these tools were already in their shop (and they knew how to use them) the money spent on the tools would exceed the cost of the pottery barn table. It just is not a very realistic diy project for most people but your dad has skills & tools – that’s handy and looked great. Perhaps if you had also given alternative suggestions on how to accomplish a similar look for those without the tools and advanced skills (or Dad) it would have been better.

  3. I'm so happy i came across you channel,my opinion is that this is the best by far and likeing everyone of your projects!!! Can't wait to be notified of more projects.Have a great day!!!

  4. We did the same thing to our dining room table. But we did it the smart way. (Not that she’s didn’t have a good idea) We just bought laminate flooring in a grey tone. So my husband went to work on the table, and now we have a new Dining room table that I love.

  5. So I was excited about the table because I have no tools. Then I saw your dad and his tools and my heart was shattered lol my dads a carpenter as well and a perfectionist when it comes to his wood projects so I feel like anything I do he wont approve of unless he helps me or guides me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hello, Taylor, Just a tip for you. Have you checked out Etsy for any of your project items?? I do shop around to, of course for bargins! I recently purchased a couple of the window frames from a store called "a little touch of heaven" . The frames were made in 3/8" maple and cost less than $ 25. Each! Keep up the great diys. Thanks for sharing

  7. Dude if you live in Los Angeles go on Craigslist and get furniture for free then paint it. That’s what I did some ppl give away some amazing vintage and antique all wood furniture.

  8. Why not take your table a step further and use all wood? It looks cheap because of the crap particle board base you bought from Ikea. (Wood is equal in cost as well.) If you used a biscuit joiner, I assume you have other tools to use on real wood. This is a sad copy of other youtubers.

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