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  • Keep houseplants close to bright windows. Check soil for dryness before watering.
  • Examine produce, tender flower bulbs and roots stored for the winter for rot, shriveling or excess moisture. Remove and discard damaged material.
  • Sketch garden plans, including what to grow, spacing, arrangement and number of plants needed.
  • Order seeds and plants as early as possible for best selection.
  • Start seeds for cool-season vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage, five to seven weeks before transplanting outdoors.
  • Start seeds for impatiens, begonia, geranium and other slow growing annuals.

General Landscape

  • Prune landscape plants except early spring
    bloomers, which should be pruned within a month after the have finished
    blooming. Birches, maples, dogwoods and other heavy sap bleeders can be pruned
    in early summer.
  • Repair or build trellis for roses, grapes and
    other vining plants as needed.
  • Fertilize spring-flowering bulbs as they break
  • Prepare lawn and garden equipment for the
    upcoming growing season. Sharpen blades and have equipment serviced before the
    spring rush.

Vegetables and Fruits

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