How To: $500 DIY Kitchen Remodel | Update Counter & Cabinets on a Budget

2 year update video is here –
Things I mentioned:
Countertop Paint –
Hinges –
Drill –
Handles –
Ceiling Light –
Painte’s Pyramid Stands –
Paper Towel Holder –
White Wood Filler –
Liquid Nails –
Cool Tool –



  1. To all the people, men or women, who "criticize" others for what's wrong with this or that in someone's how to video, I would say there is more than one way to do things. That's why I look at multiple videos when tackling a project so I get tips from others! Make sense? I don't need an answer because it makes logical sense!!

  2. This guy seems like a true intelligent American. You are not worried about losing face because of failure, thus you try to learn anything and everything by doing it, not just studying it.

    I bet many beta males and even your neo-Marxists or post most modern men get really bitchy and insecure around you?

    I really hope you become or are an NRA or gun fan. haha I bet your older family members would shit worse than if you told them you were becoming a Republican! haha

  3. You 2 did a great redo.

    The finish has an eggshell texture to it….

    Directions should tell to sand between coats of finish to achieve a flat, gloss.

    The eggshell texture is also a great look!

    Your grandparents are pleased😉 and, no doubt very happy that your family is enjoying their home.

    (I've got to tell you though… My dad was an Electrician who emphasized safety….. Not shutting off the power at the box is NOT safe…. You know it….. Imagine the horror if someone, out of habit, switched on that light and accidentally electrocuted you!
    That person would never recover from the trauma.

    Safety first = No regrets later. 💌)

  4. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to do a kitchen remodel. Congratulations on choosing options that you could afford and making it even less expensive by doing it yourself. Down the road, you might splurge on one element (like buying a new countertop) and doing the rest yourselves.

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