Everywhere you look, people are creating amazing new innovative designs. They are using technology to maximize space and save money. They are integrating nature into design like never before. People want to feel connected, unique and want to end up with a million views -let’s face it. From All-in_one living cube to Future doors, We found fifteen innovative home hacks and amazing designs that really knocked us for a loop. Take a look!



  1. Can you give a name/ link for the glowing wall images? I mean, this is at least what you could do for the companies if you take their stuff to make videos.

  2. I don't advise our bedrooms to be utilize as a workplace or etc..a bedroom is a place to sleep n rest not placing so many other items n it's advisable to hv a small area for home office or study is aldy so stress not advisable all device to be placed there..

  3. Wouldn't want to roll out of the bed on top of the Living Cube (its a three-dimensional rectangular object, but it aint a cube!) – a seven foot drop!
    And not practical for most houses with 8 or 9 foot high ceilings! Doh!

  4. If you were the slightest bit handy and had the tools you could probably build that living cube and have it even more customized. It doesnt look that difficult

  5. I'm sorry, I needed to say this, please make note for future reference. The profession you are looking for is 'palaeontologist', not anthropologist. For a quick easy way to remember, 'anthro' = human (like anthropomorphic, or misanthrope). Paleo = ancient. An anthropologist studies humans, a palaeontologist studies fossils (ie very very old things).

  6. Love the door that hinges from center; great idea for country style homes too! It would be nice to see more indoor green house designs for workplaces as well as homes! Super share of ideas here!

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