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In this video Rebecca walks you through the art of kitchen remodeling. From how to pick your countertops to your flooring. She’ll also show you some of the most creative ways to use space in your kitchen..!

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound



  1. I love your designed I have flipped few houses my self in last few years and I have so much fund design kitchens and bathrooms my ideas so much as your I love your ..give me the proudest.. and house sold so fast and got higher kids and people told me wow excellent of design's

  2. Hate to burst your decorating bubble babe but you pretty much ruined it all when you said you don't cook. As you talked about your designs I couldn't help but notice how magazine ready these looked but where was the practical aspect of the kitchen. A kitchen must and should look good but mainly be practical your kitchens look good but I don't think they are very practical.

    Only someone who cooks would know how to create a good kitchen.

  3. Love these tips – have a design dilemma – maybe you can help? I have 3 can lights over a 10ft bar area in my kitchen. I'd like more decorate lighting. 3 pendants seems like too much for the space and I don't want to block my view. Would a pendant on either side of a can light look good? I know you love lighting!!! Thx

  4. of course you are brilliant, I really like your hair more layered around your face, it is less harsh and you look younger, I know you will think, well I was younger there, but no, it is softer, more youthful….. you are a beautiful woman no matter what you wear or how you style your hair, I just like the more layered look on you, and you did ask our opinion……I think you are the queen of design and when I win the lottery, I am hiring you to help design my home.

  5. This is a good video and you're very talented but is anyone who can afford a kitchen like these actually designing it themselves? These designs don't work in a smaller kitchen, they're too "grandiose" for lack of a better term.

  6. Oh my God I'm literally drooling! This is kitchen porn! Lol O my goodness the cabinets with the window backdrop! Ugh! I can't even compose complete sentences! Lol Unfortunately I can't afford to do anything even close, but admire, (Lol) but I love watching. What happened to shows like this on HGTV? I remember in the 90s, HGTV design time was my Saturday night date. Oh I miss those days!😊

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