Ways to Save Money When Building Your Dream House

Building a new home doesn’t always have to be an overly-expensive venture. Even if you aren’t building the home yourself and cannot manage a screwdriver, there are still a number of simple ways you can save thousands throughout the process. Who knows – you may even save enough for that spa bath!

  • Most importantly, avoid two mortgages and make sure your old house has been sold before you begin building. Even if you have to rent a home while you are building, this option will save thousands in the long run.
  • Always negotiate the purchase price of your land and offer lower than the asking price. The owner can only say no.
  • Make sure that you do a bit of research before choosing a builder, and be sure that they are registered with the proper certification and insurance. Ask for references from the builder, but also ask family or friends and take a look at their social media or business websites. Here at Kitome we have a proven network of builders that we can put you in touch with. It is also important that you never pay any contractor in full until the contract and job are complete.
  • Look online at our massive selection of free home plans and save a fortune on architect fees. Even if you can’t find anything specific that you like, our Internal Design Service (IDS) will allow you to design the home that you want to your exact specifications.
  • Leave out extra features that add expense. Multi-level pitched roofs, cathedral ceilings, ornate cornices and fancy windows can add tens of thousands to the total – opt instead for a normal ceiling, energy saving window frames, plain plaster work and one level of roofing and you will be amazed at the price difference. Even if you want to keep some of the fancier features, there are other simple ways to slash the price but that is an individual’s decision.
  • Try to source any fittings that aren’t included in your kit home yourself, remembering to always double check the suitability beforehand with your builder: you wouldn’t want to order the wrong type of lights for your electrical system.
  • Never accept the first quote with anything: plumbing, electrical, painting, carpet laying or whatever service you are after. It is definitely worth shopping around to find the most competitive price to reduce expenditure.

And remember, the golden rule in construction is to question anything you don’t understand so as to avoid costly mistakes.

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