What’s Your Style? 4 Interior Design Trends That Are So Hot Right Now

Many of us start to collect pieces for our homes before considering what style we are going for. While you don’t want your home to look overly themed, having a sense of your personal style can help you find ways to tie all your homewares together and make compatible choices in the future. Here we explain four common interior design styles and help you decide if you fit into one of these categories.

French Provincial

Do you love the enchanting elegance of a flowing canopy over your bed? Is your idea of heaven thick, draped white curtains and luxury linen? Do you swoon over a Louis XV chair with a Toile de Jouy cushion placed carefully on the side? If so, it sounds like you, mon cherie, fit right in with the charm and comfort of French Provincial style. This interior trend is all white linen, lime-washed timber and straw or fabric-covered chairs. Inspired by country living in Provence, southern France, this style oozes relaxed rural vibes. Your kitchen is likely filled with blue and white porcelain, creamy, tin milk jugs and antique watering cans. Your materials are natural and colours are clean and simple, like grey, blue, pale green and cream.

Beach Hut

If the beach hut style floats your boat, your home is likely sporting a white paneled timber feature – in fact, there’s a backdrop of white all over with accents of blue, like a giant Breton shirt is blowing in and enveloping it all. There may even be some hints of red or yellow creating pops in places. Your home is the kind of place that a person enters and immediately feels relaxed, like they’ve just arrived at the coastal getaway they’ve been craving. You love nautical stripes and cosy couches with slip-on covers. Not everyone who flaunts the beach hut look has views of the beach, but even if you don’t, it’s likely that you have expansive windows so you can see the great outdoors and enjoy lots of sunshine. You love details like seashells, straw storage containers and glass bowls. This look is not just making waves at the moment – it’s a style that’s been around for a while and doesn’t look to be going anywhere.

Boho Chic

Your home is a reflection of your free spirit and casual, relaxed nature. Like a storybook, it is filled with nostalgia-inducing souvenirs that each nod to a chapter of your life experience. Your style is eclectic – you love a shelf-lined wall, which gives you lots of space to display the trinkets you’ve picked up at flea markets or on your extensive travels. These range from various sized photo frames and ethnic bowls to Russian babushka dolls, painted China plates, and copious well-loved books. Colourful cushions and patterned, textured rugs provide bright accents to your white couches, floors and ceilings. You’re not opposed to pre-loved wooden furniture, given a DIY paint coat. Scented candles are a must to create a beautiful aroma flowing throughout the home. True to your own style, you don’t try to fit in with any category – for you, it’s not about creating a cohesive look but about filling your home with things you love.

Modern Scandinavian

If Scandinavian is your style, you love sleek lines and minimal white or grey backgrounds. You believe blonde timber really is more fun. Whilst looks are important to you, everything must be practical too. And, you have a love of nature which has you wanting wide open windows to the outdoors, an occasional leafy plant, and environmentally friendly materials like sustainable timber, which you use generously. You don’t like clutter but your minimalist look is full of homely warmth, brought about by your use of natural materials, diverse textures, and maybe even a log fire. You love a cowhide rug, a fluffy blanket and a cosy couch with timber feet. Your favourite place to spend your weekends is, of course, Ikea, where you’d pick up wooden stools and contrasting patterned cushions.

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